Foundation responsible for the Culture and Convention Centre on the Lake

The owner of the building is the KKL Luzern Foundation. It is responsible for the overall direction of the KKL Luzern. The Foundation holds the majority of shares in the operator. The supreme decision-making body of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees, which is composed as follows:

Executive Board

Markus Moll, president

Business leadership

Reto Bachmann, secretary

Representatives of the city of Lucerne

Beat Züsli, vice president, mayor
Roland Brunner
Anja Kloth
Rebekka Renz-Mehr
Claudia Kienzler

Financial delegate

Roland Brunner

Representatives of the canton of Lucerne

Reto Wyss (government council)
Vincenz Blaser (state clerk Kanton Lucerne)

Representatives of the Concert Venue Foundation

Roger Gort 
Markus Koch
Daniel Kramer

Representative of Lucerne hotels

Conrad Meier

Representative of the Art Society

Andy Scheitlin

KKL Luzern Management AG

The board of directors of the KKL Luzern consists of the following members:


Felix Howald


Sabrina Bjöörn (vice president)
Stephan Werthmüller
Mascha Santschi Kallay
Daniel Hassenstein
Raphael Wyniger
Daniel Egloff (seit 24.05.2023)

Executive Board

In operational terms, KKL Luzern is led by an Executive Board, which is composed as follows:


Philipp Keller


Lukas Zehner


Larissa Merkel-Tytus

Organisational chart (in German)