From solo to quartet

All the instrument groups of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra will play exclusively for you. Come along to a near private ‘blind date’ with the musicians. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Duration of the performance: around 30 minutes

Free entrance


Fridays at 5 pm

Friday, 15th of October 2019
Friday, 29th of October 2019
Friday, 6th of December 2019
Friday, 13th of Dezember 2019
Friday, 20th of December 2019
Friday, 3rd of January 2020
Friday, 27th of March 2020
Friday, 10th of April 2020
Friday, 1st of May 2020
Friday, 8th of May 2020
Friday, 22nd of May 2020
Friday, 5th of June 2020
Friday, 12th of June 2020
Friday, 19th of June 2020
Friday, 26th of June 2020

Reservation Seebar 

+41 41 226 73 08
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Café at the Museum of Art

Sundays at 12.15

Sunday, 6th of October 2019
Sunday, 20th of October 2019
Sunday, 27th of October 2019
Sunday, 3rd of November 2019
Sunday, 10th of November 2019 (10 am)
Sunday, 29th of December 2019
Sunday, 12th of January 2020
Sunday, 19th of January 2020
Sunday, 26th of January 2020
Sunday, 2nd of February 2020
Sunday, 1st of March 2020
Sunday, 8th of March 2020
Sunday, 15th of March 2020
Sunday, 22nd of March 2020
Sunday, 5th of April 2020
Sunday, 26th of April 2020
Sunday, 17th of May 2020
Sunday, 31st of May 2020

Reservation Café at the Museum of Art

+41 41 226 78 14
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