From solo to quartet

All the instrument groups of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra will play exclusively for you. Come along to a near private «Blind Dates» with the musicians. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Duration of the performance: around 30 minutes

Free entrance

Due to the current situation there will be no Blind Dates until the end of March 2021.


Fridays at 5 pm

Fr, 9. April
Fr, 16. April
Fr, 30. April
Fr, 14. May
Fr, 21. May
Fr, 28. May
Fr, 4. June

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Café Museum of Art or Le Piaf

Sundays at 10 am

Dates at the Café Museum Of Art Dates in Le Piaf
Su, 4. April
Su, 16. May
Su, 6. June
Su, 13. June
Su, 11. April
Su, 23. May
Su, 20. June

Attention: Due to our safety measures, there is a limited number of seats at the café at the Museum of Art. Participation is only possible with a seat. A table reservation is only possible with booking of the breakfast package in advance.

Book your breakfast at the Café at the museum of art

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