Refine your concert experience

With the KKL package, combine an exceptional concert with a 3-course gourmet dinner in the Restaurant Lucide, a glass of champagne and a night in a top hotel in Lucerne. Experience an unforgettable evening in Lucerne.

The prices for our packages vary depending on the category of hotel and concert tickets. The voucher can be redeemed on request and subject to the availability of concert tickets, but not during festivals. There are several hotels to choose from in each category.

Costs per person for a package:
5 star hotel and tickets in category 1: CHF 540.–
4 star hotel and tickets in category 2: CHF 440.–
3 star hotel and tickets in category 2: CHF 390.–

Redeeming a package

Please send us your package voucher, with an indication of which concert you would like to attend, to the following address:


KKL Luzern Management AG
Europaplatz 1
CH-6002 Luzern


What’s in your package?


Allow yourself to be enchanted by the creations of Chef Michèle Meier. Your package includes a 3-course concert menu in the gourmet Restaurant Lucide.

A glass of champagne


As part of your package, we will spoil you with a sparkling glass of KKL champagne Th. Roederer. Enjoy this in the Foyer before the concert or during the concert interval in the KKL Foyer


Choose your 3, 4, or 5 star hotel located around the shores of Lake Lucerne, just a few steps away from the KKL Luzern. Overnight stay and breakfast included.