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Randy Newman
  17. September 2014

Samih Sawiris zu Gast bei KKL Impuls
  25. September 2014

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World Café
World Café

deli, coffee, pleasures - The culinary experience for you to choose and enjoy, even when you are in a hurry, with a coffee and wine bar, and specialities from all over the world.

The World Café is a self-service vision in green: it's near the station and boasts views of the city, the KKL canal and the lake. Diners eat at tall American walnut counters on bar stools dotted about the space. The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for businesspeople, tourists, families, singles and senior citizens - in fact anyone! Glazed food and beverage bars present the day's offerings, and there are uninterrupted views of the World Café food being prepared in the kitchen, which helps instil confidence that all is fresh as fresh can be. Surrounded by rosemary planters, you can sit outside on canvas chairs in summer and enjoy watching the world go by near the lake.
The World Café presents quality meals for people who enjoy their food but are in a bit of a hurry. Its coffee bar celebrates coffee culture, its wine bar dispenses popular vintages by the glass, plus beers and soft drinks, while the food bar takes you on a culinary tour of the world. Enjoy fresh fruit- and vegetables juices at our vitalbar.
Open daily from 9 a.m. till 20 p.m.
On concertdays opened until 1h after the concert

fon +41 41 226 71 00, worldcafe@kkl-luzern.ch

fon +41 41 226 71 00
fax +41 41 226 70 71

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«A Pirate's Symphony»
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  5. Dezember 2014 -
3. Januar 2015

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